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About Us

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is an independent humanitarian organization with a 501 (C) (3) (EIN: 47-1614315 ) status and has been awarded consultative status by the UN as a humanitarian NGO. Established in 2006 by Grand Ayatollah Sistani, it is primarily aimed at providing for the needs of orphans in Iraq.

Letters of Authorization

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is authorized by Grand Ayatullah Sistani to operate under his strict supervision. This letters of authorization is renewed every 3 years, and has been renewed by Grand Ayatollah Sistani since the organization was established in 2006. Click below to access all authorization letters, or visit to get more information about Al-Ayn.

Special Charity Boxes


These special charity boxes are unlike any other in that when one places their donation in the box it is considered “Qabdh”. This means that according to Ayatollah Sistani, it is as though you placed it in the hand of the orphan directly and immediately.