Our Projects

At Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation, our goal is to care for the orphans of Iraq through sponsorship, donations, religious dues and through projects that help us increase the quality of life for the orphans and their widowed mothers who are their caretakers. Your donations go directly to the orphans.

Hikayati Center

This new Sadaqah Jariyah Project (Ongoing Charity) is aimed at inspiring the orphans, raising their ambitions, their self esteem, transforming their lives and helping them triumph over all odds.

Imam Al-Jawad (a.s.) Residential Complex

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its latest Sadaqah Jariyah (Ongoing Charity) Project, Imam Al-Jawad (a.s.) Residential Complex for Orphan Families. This project includes a total of 28 residential units. Aim of the Project The Imam Al-Jawad (as) Residential Complex aims to provide homes for

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Medical Care

Medical Supplies for the Orphans Some orphans are in need of medical supplies such as wheel chairs to provide them with mobility and some independence. Your Contributions Your contributions go a long way towards helping children such as Kareem overcome the challenges of his disability.

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Recreational Trips

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation regularly organizes to recreational trips for the children.

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Food Distribution

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation regularly distributes food to the families of orphans.

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Award Ceremonies

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation puts a great deal of effort in organizing award ceremonies to honor the success of the orphans every year.

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Home Repair

As a result of the sub-standard living conditions in which the orphan families live, their homes are in constant need of repair. Therefore, one of Al-Ayn’s projects has been to help in the repair of such homes.

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Academic Follow-up

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has been pivotal in academic follow-up with its orphans.

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