Ramadan 2016: Charity Campaign

This month of Ramadan 2016, Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation launched a Perpetual Charity Project. The Luminous Stars was an opportunity for the believers to contribute to a Perpetual Charity (Sadaqah Jariyah) which is charity that continues even after one passes.

The Campaign ended on a high note when 100% of the funds were secured by Eid Al-Fitr of 2016. The contributions were a great form of charity for those looking for such an opportunity for their dearly departed parents and relatives, or for themselves and their live relatives.

The Luminous Stars is a Center for Orphan Rehabilitation and Training.

It is said that if one teaches a person how to fish, it is much better than to just hand them the fish.

As a result, Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has provided this opportunity to facilitate a brighter more prosperous future for the orphans.

Cost of Building: 160000 stocks

Cost of Stock: $20.00

Finding for this campaign was successfully completed by Eid of 2016.