Fulfilling The Mission

Fulfilling the mission to serve the orphans of Iraq is a great goal. Wanting to be part of this humanitarian mission is one for which you should be commended. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help in our humanitarian efforts.

Peruse how our volunteers have contributed to the orphans of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to serve the orphans are Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation.

We are looking for people who are compassionate and passionate about humanitarian work. Dedication, promptness, commitment are all adjectives that describe our volunteers. If you have prior experience in volunteering, we want to hear from you. We are looking for Servant Leaders.

If you are a high school student then we can give you community service hours. If you are a college or university student, we can arrange a co-op or internship with your school. If you are a working professional in fields that you feel can serve the orphans or the organization then we want to hear from you and benefit from your expertise.

Peruse the Volunteer opportunities available on this page and email us to get the process started. Download the volunteer application, fill it out and email it to us

The function of the Volunteer Coordinator is to recruit volunteers and assign them to projects. This Servant Leader ensures that the volunteers are trained and evaluated accordingly.

– Experience recruiting and coordinating volunteers
– Experience in non-profit work
– Good people skills
– Ability to recognize potential in volunteers
– Nurture servant leader culture

Apply: Email us

– To coordinate all PR-related events.
– Prepare press releases
– Handle media-relations
– Coordinate community outreach

– Prior experience is required
– Students studying Public Relations are encourage to apply.
– Savvy in dealing with public and relaying the message of the organization to the public.
– Experience preparing press releases
– Experience preparing press conferences

Apply: Email us

The function of this individual is to coordinate all fundraising events for the organization. This requires close work with the Volunteer Coordinator.

– To organize Fundraising Dinners
– To coordinate Fundraising Seminars
– To coordinate Fundraising Workshops
– To coordinate other fundraising events
– To suggest and coordinate other fundraising opportunities.

Apply: Email us

The function of the media coordinator is to handle all media-related issues for the organization.

– Prior experience in media.
– Experience in proofing copy and design.
– Experience preparing e-newsletters.
– Experience with outreach.
– Experience in graphics and video is a plus.

Apply: Email us

The function of the servant leader is to be exactly that, “A servant that leads by example.” The servant leader looks for where they are needed and fills that gap. Such individuals are the most humble, but are those with the most potential and drive to change the world to a better place.

– Driven to make the world a better place.
– Committed to serving the orphans.
– A self-starter.
– Asks for direction.

Apply: Email us